Wassup CB kias, it’s me Xiao Ming again (insert XM’s “gone crazy during CB” laughter)!


I can’t believe you guys are here reading part two of my workout blog post, like what’s wrong with you guys?! How many free bottles did 100PLUS give you to do so? Either that or it must be like one of those “click on this link to get 90% off” and that’s how you guys ended up here right?


Anyway after receiving feedback from some of you on my first blogpost, I told the 100PLUS guys, “NO, I’M NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT BENEFITS ANYMORE!!” Like how am I supposed to talk about the unique optimal blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes in 100PLUS that facilitates hydration of your body in a blogpost? I really don’t know. 


You know there was this one time in Secondary 3, I got a single-digit score for my A Maths and I had to get my parents’ signature on it. So I went home, went to my mum and told her, “Mummy, I need you to sign this…” and naturally she went “Oh how much did you get?”. That was when I put a can of 100PLUS on top of my A Maths test paper and went like “Oh, I got 100 plus…”. What happened after that? All I can say is, kids, please DO NOT try this at home! Hahahaha!


I’m sure my mum had a good workout chasing me around the house that evening with a slipper in one hand, but anyway since we’re talking about workouts – here’s a legit set of legs and upper body home workout for you to try! It is specially designed with the rest of the Battle of the Alphas guys whom I shall name “Jack”, “Can Nerve” and “Wormsome” because I’m the one writing this blog post, I can write whatever names I want and nobody can stop me haha. No, I’m not salty that I lost all the Battle of the Alphas challenges!


Workout list: 


1 squat to 1 jump squat x 10 reps

  • When doing a jump squat, make sure that you maintain control and land as quietly as possible.


Hamstring Towel Slides x 10-12 reps

  • Place the towel on a low friction surface so that it can slide across easily when doing this workout.


Pulse Squats x 40-60s

  • While in the bottom of a squat and doing the pulses, you want to keep your form the entire time. So keep your butt pushed back and chest lifted at all times.


Slider Reverse Lunge (towel) x 10-12 reps

  • Make sure to slide the leg back straight and not out to the side.


1 Push to 1 Power Push x 5 reps

  • Place your wrists in a nearly vertical line under your shoulder and not too far in front or behind


Typewriter Push Ups x 10-12 reps

  • In the starting position, place your hands on the floor wider than shoulder width to allow room for the side-to side movement


Pike Pulses x 40-60s

  • As much as possible, try to keep your legs straight and your toes pointed 


High Plank Shoulder Taps x 40-60s

  • There’s a tendency to swing from side to side while doing this exercise. So keep your body as still as possible and squeeze your core.

Remember, slow and controlled movements are better than fast and uncontrolled bursts! Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself, and more importantly, you’re not maximising the full benefits of the exercises.


Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my blog posts and workouts so far! If it is good, please write in to 100PLUS and tell them how great, awesome and funny I am so that they will continue to pay me to do more! If not, stay home, stay safe and go watch the full season of Battle of the Alphas here if you haven’t! KTHXBYE!

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