Our body is made up of about 57–60% water. And every day, our body loses a certain amount of water, along with nutrients and salt. As such, even 1% dehydration would affect our natural lubrication, performance, and recovery.

Let’s take a look at how we dehydrate and how we can recover the lost water and essentials.

When you sleep

While we sleep, our body still runs, albeit at a slower, more relaxed pace than when we’re fully awake. In doing so, energy is burned up as heat and released through our exhalation and perspiration. That’s why we wake up thirsty, usually.

When you work out

Depending on the person and the activity, working out makes you perspire, even just a bit. While perspiration helps your body cool down and expel toxics, it loses the much needed water and salt, too.

When you’re in air-conditioned room

Air-Conditioners draw water vapours from the air, causing the room to dry. To acclimatise to this cold, your body heats itself up. And when you breathe, you’re exhaling water more than inhaling. All this adds up to cause dehydration.


As water makes up about 57–60% our body, even 2% dehydration can affect our body's performance and recovery. Through the unique optimal blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes, 100PLUS ACTIVE facilitates hydration of our body, especially after an intensive workout.


Generally, before workout, proper nutrition is key in performing well in sports. Eating right and ensuring that you drink enough to keep hydrated will give you the means to engage in sports that you love. This means having a daily balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, fats with fruits and vegetables.

During and post-workout, you'll need to focus on replenishing the water you lost through perspiration, in addition to your daily nutrition needs. 100PLUS ACTIVE not only rehydrates you, but also provides energy and electrolytes in the course of an exercise session.


Our body needs to recover and recuperate after strenuous workouts. Sleep is one of the essential factors to this recovery process. It helps the body rest and complete a host of functions such muscle and tissue repair, and memory processing. With enough sleep before the next workout, your body will be ready to take on heavier challenges that come, giving you a higher sense of accomplishments in each workout.

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