Created in 1983 to commemorate 100 years of Fraser & Neave in Asia, 100PLUS is an embodiment of our hope and ambition. Today, 100PLUS celebrates success far beyond our imagination.

We are the pioneers, and also the driving force that redefined the isotonic category with our unique flavour and taste. Bottle by bottle, we have boldly shaken the market, stirring taste buds and winning hearts, and established ourselves from a sports drink known only to marathon runners to become the essential hydrating source for millions of people every day.

100PLUS continues to build optimism and self-belief by inspiring all with our creativity and determination. Our vision is to invigorate and empower lives in greater ways: that the best is yet to be, that nothing is beyond our limits - to enable everyone to outdo themselves.

100PLUS Is the perfect hydrating beverage, which :

  • HYDRATES your mind, body, and soul;
  • Inspires you to go further and achieve more;
  • Empowers you to fulfil your potential, because only 100PLUS’s unique formula and light, refreshing taste quenches your thirst instantly, invigorating your body and spirit to move on and live life to the fullest!
100PLUS is proud to be working with the following partners: