Hello my fellow CBs,


Yes, this is me, Xiao Ming (insert XM’s crazy laughter). 


If you’re wondering why I’m writing a blogpost, it is obviously not because 100PLUS paid me to do it. I mean why would I suddenly talk about a specially-designed 15 minute high-intensity cardio and core home workout, and how an ice cold non-carbonated 100PLUS Active after the workout would be the most shiok thing in the world right? 


I’m writing this because many of you have asked me on Instagram about my home workout routines, just like how I’m sure many influencers also have super a lot of people asking them about their makeup routines, that’s why they have to talk about it every week. The fact that the makeup products are sponsored is definitely a coincidence. Not trying to shade. Just happens that I wear shades everyday (insert XM’s crazy laughter).


B3, B6 & B12. Sounds like my ‘O’ Levels grades? Sorry to disappoint you all, it isn’t. I actually did quite okay for my ‘O’ Levels. I know it’s hard to believe, but true story bro. Anyway since I’ve aroused your curiosity and I’m very sure at this point many of you are dying to know what do these “grades” mean, I’ve no choice but to share that these are actually the B Vitamins in 100PLUS Active that help to facilitate energy production, as well as to aid in after-sports recovery. Don’t ask me how, I almost failed my Chemistry when I was in school. You just gotta believe!


Anyway since this CB period started, I’m sure many of you have been engaging in resistance training unknowingly, by resisting any sort of physical training (insert XM’s crazy laughter x2). Ok for real though, I took a lot of effort in designing this set of cardio and core home workout with the rest of the Battle of the Alphas guys whom I will not and shall not name because they beat me in every single, d*mn episode. HA HA, look who has the last laugh now Zach, Kenneth and Wensen?!!!!!!


Workout list:


Chest to Floor burpees 30-40s

  • Don’t forget to breathe! Holding your breath while doing a burpee is a common mistake that many people make when performing the exercise.


High Knees 30-40s

  • Drive your knees towards your chest. Many people end up jogging on the spot when fatigue starts to sit in. 


Mountain Climbers 30-40s

  • Don’t let your butt and hips sink or go up in the air! Just imagine you’re a table and you’ve got a hot bowl of bak kut teh on your back – that will help you keep the right form. 



Skaters 30-40s

  • Swing your arms from left to right as you alternate between the legs, just like a skater. That helps you better build momentum as well as balance. 


1 Crunch to 1 Jack knife x 8-12 reps

  • If you’ve an exercise mat, this is the best time to take it out. You don’t want to be hurting your back and spine while doing this exercise.


Hollow Body Holds x 30-40s

  • Focus on getting your shoulder blades off the ground. It’s easy to get your arms off the ground, but that doesn’t work your core as hard.


Crab Reach x 10 – 12 Reps

  • This looks tough, but start easy by positioning your butt about one inch off the floor. Lift your hips only when you start reaching out with your hand. 


 Towel Sliding Reverse Pike x 10-12 reps

  • Choosing a smooth surface definitely helps make this exercise a lot easier as you try “mopping the floor” with this reverse pike. 

One thing to note would be to always make sure you engage or “kek” your core while exerting on each rep. This makes it easier to activate different muscles and reduce the risk of you getting injured during the exercise. 


Anyway, I really hope you guys will have a good sweat from this home workout! Stay home, stay safe, stay ACTIVE  and stay tuned for PART TWO of my awesome home workout routine! Haha ownself praise ownself!

Oh oh, and if you’re bored at home, catch me embarrass myself in all sorts of physical activities on Battle of the Alphas! Watch the full season here.

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