Are You Dehydrated?

Urine Color Chart

This chart can help you determine if you’re hydrated. It starts with normal, well-hydrated colors. But as you move down the list, dehydration becomes more severe.

Well Hydrated

Pale yellow to clear is normal and indicates that you’re well-hydrated.


Light yellow and transparent is also normal and indicates an ideal hydration status.


A pale honey, transparent color indicates normal hydration, but it may mean that you need to rehydrate soon.


A yellow, more cloudy color probably means your body needs more water.

Very Dehydrated

A darker yellow, amber color isn’t healthy. Your body needs water.

Severely Dehydrated

Orangish yellow and darker: You’re severely dehydrated.

Note: Chart serves as a guideline only and may vary among individuals. Do not use this chart for diagnostic purposes. Contact your doctor if in doubt.
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