Zero inon the moment

Discovering a new city, learning to play your favourite song, or indulging your love for food. Whatever your passions may be, 100PLUS Zero Sugar helps you stay hydrated, enabling you to fully immerse in life’s moments.

Did you know?

Body fluids are lost every second of the day even when you are not active, especially in hot and humid Singapore. Rehydration requires more than just water. 100PLUS Zero Sugar is the ideal choice for everyday hydration without the calories, so you can get the most out of each day.


For every occasion

As you go about your day, don’t forget to stay hydrated to replenish fluids lost through your regular activities.

When to hydrate: Play
Whether it’s picking up a new hobby, going café hopping over the weekend or just relaxing at home, be sure to hydrate yourself to fully enjoy life’s different experiences.
Moments to savour with 100PLUS Zero Sugar
See how Kimberly and Shane rehydrate themselves while on their foodie adventures!
When to hydrate: On the go
We spend a lot of time travelling between places and even across borders. Being outdoors and on the move can rapidly dehydrate your body, so ensure that you constantly drink up to maintain your hydration levels.
Keep the music going with 100PLUS Zero Sugar
Join Kimberly and Shane to see how they stay hydrated and hit all the right notes!
When to hydrate: Work
With so many things to take care of in the workplace, it’s difficult to remember to stay hydrated. Maintaining good hydration can help to improve alertness and concentration, allowing you to be at your best.
Office Hydration Tip: Take regular water breaks
Sitting for long periods in the office can cause you to be dehydrated due to the dry air in the environment. Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to drink up every few hours!